Testimonials ForDorian L. Newberry

Eileen Lawrence Purchase

There are not enough words to sing the praises of the Dorian-Karen team. After what is probably the most complicated real estate deal in your entire career, my son and I are owners of the perfect home.

It’s beyond belief that this deal closed successfully—and this could not have happened without you.

You and Karen were there for my son and me every step of the way, through the most difficult challenges. I imagine that you must sleep—you always have such energy and focus—but it seemed to me that I could ask you a question at any time of day or night and get an immediate answer. Your patience is unbelievable; you were always able to explain things clearly, and you made me feel that there were no “silly questions.” You maintained equanimity and humor even in the moments (and there were many) when it seemed that the deal would blow up because of the unusual and numerous challenges created by the seller’s agent.

Most impressive about you, Dorian, is your doggedness—your persistence. You never, ever give up. And you insist on what’s right and fair. You succeeded in so many things, from securing extension after extension on our loan deadline (when the seller’s agent created delay after delay), to getting us great referrals for various inspectors, to persuading the sellers to do what they needed to do when their agent failed to do so. And your persuasive ways are delivered with such charm and sweetness that the one being persuaded doesn’t even realize that you’re managing the outcome to exactly where you need it to be.

What’s more, you had to do all this with one buyer in California and another in Maryland!

In the end, my son will be moving into his dream house. I’ve been able to help my son get started in life with his first home. You took a personal interest in him (and his girlfriend), and you on an attitude of advising them as would a friend. We were all in such good, safe hands the whole way. The stable base of a first home will be a life-changing event for him, bringing him to a new level of maturity and responsibility. We can’t thank you enough!

I cannot imagine ever using another real estate agent “team” if we do this again. Thank you so much, and please do feel free to share this letter with anyone who asks for a reference. You’re the best!